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Even more wins on Drug Rundown!!


So one day last week I was at a social gathering and somebody had offered me a beer and I accepted. This is a strange sort of win and a roundabout way as the beer that I had had given me a bit of a tipsy feeling which I thoroughly did not enjoy and then I got a bit of a headache (I think from the alcohol being in my system, or maybe from just the simple fact that I wasn’t enjoying not having all of my wits about me) but when I finally sobered up from it all (about an hour later) I found myself being most happy that I’d finally come out of it.

I’m definitely not interested in consuming alcohol anymore. It’s quite nice to be free of that and the next time somebody offers me a beer I will have to just politely decline or ask if they’ve got any bottled water.

And then there is another really cool win that I’ve been wanting to share that occurred in my first week here in Portland.

So I’m walking down the street and I’m having a cigarette and some street guy asks me for one. As I was really quite low and on a budget I had to tell him so. He then offers me a bit of bud (marijuana) in exchange for a smoke. And so, by what felt like natural instinct, I turned to him and said that I didn’t do that stuff and it was done with such certainty and with absolutely no regrets that it truly was the most wonderful feeling in the world.

Thank you so much to Ray & Pat Krenik and to LRH

ML, Albert



just came out of session with ray krenik as my auditor. it was cool. don’t know exactly what to say else on that. spotted engrams. went earlier similar to a win.

i thought it was funny that i was more upset for my parents not liking my artwork (artwork being a drawing on the wall using crayons) than i was with getting spanked for drawing on the wall. i was something like 12 to 16 months old at the time.

well, that’s all that i can think of to say on that. it was really cool.

thanks ray. thanks LRH.

arc, albert

I?m interested in my case. I?ve never experienced the sensation of being interested in my case before. I definitely was never interested in my case when I was in the CoS. But now, I?ve just come out of session and am hopeful that the next 22 hours of my life go rather quickly so that I can get back into session and take care of more case. Thanks Ray.

Also, I wish to thank my C/S, Pat Freespirit, for making it so that I get to take care of a problem that has been bothering me for quite some time. Thanks much.

Cheers also to LRH.

ARC, Albert