just came out of session with ray krenik as my auditor. it was cool. don’t know exactly what to say else on that. spotted engrams. went earlier similar to a win.

i thought it was funny that i was more upset for my parents not liking my artwork (artwork being a drawing on the wall using crayons) than i was with getting spanked for drawing on the wall. i was something like 12 to 16 months old at the time.

well, that’s all that i can think of to say on that. it was really cool.

thanks ray. thanks LRH.

arc, albert

I?m interested in my case. I?ve never experienced the sensation of being interested in my case before. I definitely was never interested in my case when I was in the CoS. But now, I?ve just come out of session and am hopeful that the next 22 hours of my life go rather quickly so that I can get back into session and take care of more case. Thanks Ray.

Also, I wish to thank my C/S, Pat Freespirit, for making it so that I get to take care of a problem that has been bothering me for quite some time. Thanks much.

Cheers also to LRH.

ARC, Albert

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  1. Terril Park

    TECH outside COS: Release of Secondaries.

    May 8, 2017 Elma, WA 98541

    I am absolutely thrilled to say that I have experienced several releases of secondaries, during auditing session at the Revitalizing Ministry. One of these was concerning my experience of leaving my husband. It was quite a relief to finally understand some basic truths about that experience, and indeed, about the nature of that relationship itself.

    Further, I have been greatly surprised by the immediate surge of energy I felt in the aftermath of the particular release, and the growing sense of certainty of how to address a very real and urgent problem in my life. I had felt stuck to the point of complacency, which was not in keeping with my personality or my beliefs in how I should live my life. Now I feel ready to move forward in tackling this weighty challenge, and confident that I will prevail in my mission.

    I am very grateful to have had this opportunity to engage in this important work with such a competent auditor. It has been a truly eye-opening and life-affirming experience for me, and I would readily recommend it to others. I would like to thank Justin Craig for auditing me, and my C/S Pat Krenik, for overseeing my case. Thanks are also in order to Ray Krenik for creating this group, and allowing my participation.

    Brightest blessings!

    Sylph Nightbloom

    Ok to publish.

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