Life Repair

I came to get auditing for the single purpose of never being the same ever again. After completing my life repair, I have complete certainty that the hopes that I placed in LRH’s technology were not misplaced and that auditing is the only solution to any situation in my life that I believe needs to be handled.

For the first time in years I can actually THINK. I’ve made incredible gains, and I know that I’ll never be the same again!


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  1. Thalya

    Hello Ingrid. May I introduce myeslf? Elizabeh Hamre. I have a blog under my name. I write in Geir Isene’s Blog also I have posted about 200 comments there in the last 6 weeks most are cognition, insight to the track of a OT who has full recall I would like to have a connection to your sight if you think would be beneficial for Scientologists. My blog is fairly new only 12 weeks but so far there are 3570 pings, readers of the posting.Please not that in Geirs blog in one year there was 6000 pings. And he is a well-known person in the circle of scientologists. Now I am not writing because I need the recognition, my postings, my articles are inspirational, I want others to understand that the tech simply works and what can be achieved if one use it and continue with solo audit. The blog is connected to David St Lawrence’s. The only way you could gain insight of what I do by reading my first article [some other ones too], which all are based on cognition, the summoning up my activities as a solo auditor“The Walk the Walk of a Solo Auditor” it was at first posted in Silvia Kusada’s blog last august. Of course it was my first post in my blog too. That article will explain who I am? Thank you Elizabeth 604 467-5238 I live in Canada west coast.

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