Even more wins on Drug Rundown!!


So one day last week I was at a social gathering and somebody had offered me a beer and I accepted. This is a strange sort of win and a roundabout way as the beer that I had had given me a bit of a tipsy feeling which I thoroughly did not enjoy and then I got a bit of a headache (I think from the alcohol being in my system, or maybe from just the simple fact that I wasn’t enjoying not having all of my wits about me) but when I finally sobered up from it all (about an hour later) I found myself being most happy that I’d finally come out of it.

I’m definitely not interested in consuming alcohol anymore. It’s quite nice to be free of that and the next time somebody offers me a beer I will have to just politely decline or ask if they’ve got any bottled water.

And then there is another really cool win that I’ve been wanting to share that occurred in my first week here in Portland.

So I’m walking down the street and I’m having a cigarette and some street guy asks me for one. As I was really quite low and on a budget I had to tell him so. He then offers me a bit of bud (marijuana) in exchange for a smoke. And so, by what felt like natural instinct, I turned to him and said that I didn’t do that stuff and it was done with such certainty and with absolutely no regrets that it truly was the most wonderful feeling in the world.

Thank you so much to Ray & Pat Krenik and to LRH

ML, Albert

3 thoughts on “Even more wins on Drug Rundown!!

    1. Nobi

      I saw a thing on telly about a sort of scientology cponoumd in Sydney where naughty scientologists are sent to make amends for their naughtiness by being locked up and fed scraps while slaving away unpaid for the greater glory of L Ron Hubard and that Miscavage bloke. The fact that there’s over 2000 Aussies prepared to sign up for such silliness is a bit of a slap in the face for a rational Australia. The Sydney cponoumd looked like a dump compared to the Disney style churchy things thay’ve got elsewhere. I’d at least want a nice garden and gargoyles.

  1. Mahmod

    Hey, Tory! I just wanted to alppaud your efforts to expand awareness about Scientology among the viewing public. It sounds as though your awful experiences with the organization are horribly common and have been echoed again and again by people who have been abused by the cult. They seem to target those with low self-esteem, and the disenfranchised who feel powerless for whatever reason. By entry into the cult, you are made special, and are helping yourself and humanity in some way by superseding your desires, wishes, and thoughts, to those of the leader or the doctrine.Now, I’m as Wiccan as a Maypole and am a great proponent of freedom of religion, but it seems to me than any organization that relies on fear, humiliation, threats and mind control techniques to extort money from its followers is an affront to human dignity and humanitarian ideals. It is even criminal, if what I have read about some of the cases of medical neglect resulting in death are to be believed. Though I have no personal experience with Scientology, the collected evidence and testimony of those who have emerged from the bowels of that hellhole are truly chilling and plenty convincing to any thinking, feeling person. Keep fighting the good fight, Tory. People of intelligence and information support you!

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