Mission Statement

Have you given up hope of making it this lifetime?

Were arbitraries put in your way, such as needless sec-checks?

Were you turned off by repeated demands for money that seemed inappropriate?

Have you been disappointed with your progress on the bridge?

Well, now there is hope. Practitioners in the Freezone do not have unwarranted illegal declares. We want to handle, not have disconnection.

We want to deliver standard LRH tech to all those who wish it. We are open to ALL, even the C of S’s failed cases.

Our goal is the creation of Free Beings.

There are several Class VIII’s among us, as well as Pat Krenik, OT 8, class 6. She has studied Scn since 1951, including under LRH, and grew up with the tech.

We have an internet management org and delivery orgs in several countries.

You may contact me, Terril Park, at:
basic2basic@yahoo.com for further info.

We’re working hard to deliver standard Scn, the way LRH would have wanted us to.


“We will win if we are [Scn] not a lot of isolated groups.
The watchword is SERVICE.”